Living Flavor.

{Food for Mind and Body}.

My simple but wise father has always said, “Good writers write what they know.”  So when thinking about this blog and what it really is (besides some quirky self-therapy revolving around my chicken legs and whatever metaphor births from that), I decided to make a list of things I know a little bit about and wish to know more about:

rock climbing; vegetarian cooking; books; camping; running; biking; gardening; teaching

And that about does it.  So when thinking about this blog, and when getting the itch to make it more than my own emotional dumping ground, I consulted with my slightly older, wiser, full-blooded Italian friend who seems to know just about everything.  His thought is that my blog and I are on a path to organic living (or living organically).  And I agree.

Although this is not strictly a food blog, I believe that food, as I’ve mentioned in past posts, is the center of culture, of mind, and of body.  What we like about food is what we like about life: flavor.  Sometimes it’s a bit spicy, other times it’s a bit sweet. Salty. Sour. Tangy.  These flavors transcend the taste of food and enter our lives through the choices we make.

So, Living Flavor.  This is my self-guide in-the-making for living a more holistic and organic life…for finding healthy ways to manage my anxiety…for finding inspiration in outdoor adventures and sports…for finding innovative, healthy recipes.  And, for exploring the flavors that new people, new places, and new adventures bring.

Feel chatty? E-mail me at livingflavor@gmail.com or tweet me at @epaush.


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