I envy free spirits.  I’ve always wanted to be one—someone who is comfortable floating from job-to-job or happy with only the clothes on his/her back or moving from place-to-place.  “Living in the moment” would be nice, wouldn’t it?  But it just doesn’t work when you feel the urgent and consistent need to color code your yearly planner.  Nope, I like stability, goals, and a highlighter.

But what I’ve learned over these past few months—months filled with uncertainty and a feeling of utter upheaval (a recession does that to a lot of us, no?)—is that you can still be an adventurer without being a free spirit.  I’m spontaneous in the kitchen, on the rock, and in the woods.  And that’s enough for me.

My poor, little blog—my major creative outlet—has been neglected in 2011 because I’ve struggled with these uncertain months.  I lost track of my hobbies and only focused on the stress.  That was dumb.  So, from now on, less stress and more blogging.  Stability is settling back in, and I am full of healthy living adventures!