My food snootiness does not put me above quick, no mess, and no preparation meals.  There are nights when the thought of cooking for two hours actually makes me angry, and I rarely take the time to plan what I am bringing for lunch to work.  So there are a few things I always keep in the kitchen that are healthy, delish, and crazy easy.  There is no reason to ever eat fast food, where even the “healthy” meals usually contain sugars, hydrogenated oils, and some sort of mystery ingredient.  You can make food fast for those nights that cooking is just not an option or for days you forget to make your lunch the night before.

For those moments, I almost always decide on soup and salad.  Imagine organic soups are dairy free (for us lactose-intolerants) while still creamy, and they are certainly healthy and flavorful.  All you do is poor some in a pot or warm it up in the microwave for just a minute.  And for the salad, I always keep a few goodies in the kitchen to spruce up the greens in less than a minute: dried cranberries, can of black beans, and walnuts (and maybe some Cabot cheddar).  In less than 5 minutes you have prepared your lunch for work or made your dinner.  And for less than 10 dollars, you have enough to last you a few days.

So, yes I promote healthy cooking and yes it is my favorite hobby, but no one wants to cook every night and no one is organized enough to prepare lunch the night before.  (Or at least that’s my excuse).  Soup and salad it is!