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Sitting in my friend Sarah’s Vermont apartment this morning with hot tea and EatingWell Magazine in hand, I turned my head slightly to the left to look out at the falling snow.  What I saw amidst the six inches already on the ground and the blowing snow rapidly falling from the clouds was a man.  A man in shorts.  Short shorts, to be more specific.  Before my mind could register the oddity of seeing a man strolling in hot pants in a blizzard, he had vanished around the corner.  Thinking he may need some sort of assistance — like a blanket or a phone to call for his pants — I ran outside after him.  “Nah, I’m fine,” he said when I nervously asked him if he was ok, “sometimes I just like to be cold.”  I took that as my cue to leave him alone, and I returned to my tea.

It was a memorable moment to start off 2011.  And it made me think about my memorable moments of 2010.  Many of my blogger-friends have been posting “2010 in Review via Photos.”  I decided to sift through my 2010 photos just to see what I did during the year, and to my surprise I was inundated with an array of emotions.  How did I forget everything that happened in 2010?  Did I really travel, finish graduate school, move down the country, begin new sports, and basically change every aspect of my life?  Say, what?

Spending a few minutes to remind yourself of what has been done transforms the way you think about where you are going.  You are reminded of your accomplishments, your failures, your family, your friends, and most importantly, your growth.  For me, I am reminded that the moments when I try new things are the moments I am most happy and most proud.  So, here are a few new things and new places that made up my 2010.


Joshua Tree National Park, January 2010. My first climbing experience outside of the Northeast and my longest camping experience (2 weeks).

Smuggler's Notch, Vermont, February 2010. My first ice climb!

Shelburne Farms, May 2010. Spending my graduation weekend at Shelburne Farms with my family. Nothing like celebrating a Master's degree on a farm.

Mount Hunger, Vermont, June 2010. Spending my last Vermont hike with Sarah and Smitty (above) before moving South.

Looking Glass, Western North Carolina, July 2010. My first climb in NC after my move to Asheville.

Asheville, NC, August 2010. Becoming a real, organic gardener.

Asheville, NC, Summer 2010. Exploring vegetarian cooking (and becoming obsessed with it).

Asheville, NC, July 2010. Rescuing an abandoned sweetheart in the mountains. Welcomed Balli to the family.

Rumbling Bald, NC, September 2010. My first trad climb!

Asheville, NC, October 2010. Becoming a potter!

Asheville, NC, November, 2010. Beginning marathon training. My first marathon will be in Lake Placid, NY on June 12, 2011.

Milford, NH, December 2010. Ending 2010 with a snowmantini and my parnter's family.